MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365: Creating a Sales Order through Power Apps

Power Apps provides a user-friendly experience, allowing non-developers to customize the sales order process to meet specific company requirements. This interface ensures that data flows effortlessly between sales and other departments, increasing productivity and accuracy in order management. 

First let us build a simple power flow which will create a new sales order into our BC Database 


  • Navigate to the home screen of Power App and select flows 
  • Now click on the new flow button which will take you to the following screen 

  •  At this point we’re setting up an automated cloud flow. 



  • Here I am selecting Manual Trigger, I don’t want to run this flow automatically, so that this flow runs on User’s Manual Action 

  • As we are creating a new sales order into Business Central, I am choosing Business Central Connector  
  • As we want to create a new record into BC, I am using Create Record (V3) action 

  • Select the environment, company, API Category as your requirement and choose “salesOrders” as the Table Name 
  • Fill in the required fields such as Order No., Customer No., Posting Date. 
  •  We are done with the Header, now we have to insert the lines to the same Sales Order No. 
  • I am selecting the same Create a record action here and changing the Table Name into “salesOrderslines” 
  • Don’t forget to insert data into “Sequence” which is also called as line number in terms of BC 


  • Choose Document Id from the parameters from Previous step, which will make a link to your header and lines. 
  • Insert required data such as Item Type, Item No, Quantity and Unit Price and we are all set to create a new sales order into BC 
  • Just save the flow and test/run to see the magic.  

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By Anakha MS


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