MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 BUSINESS CENTRAL: Create Sales Lines with Copilot

To optimize the sales process, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Centrals’ “Create Sales Lines with Copilot” tool uses artificial intelligence. It improves accuracy and efficiency by making intelligent suggestions for product lines based on past interactions and the preferences of the consumer. By reducing manual entry, minimizing errors, and expediting order processing, this cutting-edge platform frees up sales teams to concentrate on strengthening client relationships and boosting revenue. 


 In this Business Central release, Copilot can suggest and assist with creating sales lines on sales documents like Sales Quote, Sales Order, and Sales Invoice 


Copilot generated analysis tab: 

In present version of Business Central 2024 we have tab called Analysis, which gives summary of the transactions. 

With Copilot generated analysis tab we can describe how you want to structure your data analysis,  

For Example: “show me items by location, where Inventory is not zero” 

Or “Item per UOM” 


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