What’s New Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Release Wave 2

Possibility to Block deletion of G/L accounts!

Objective / Benefit:

In Business Central maintenance of the chart of accounts happen very rarely once it’s been set up for a company, but we can’t deny the fact that sometime it is really important to change that and in case we need to do it. So, in order to help in avoiding accidental deletion of general ledger (G/L) accounts, in this latest release of Business Central wave 2 Microsoft has added an extra check to better manging the change on the G/L Account.

Description of the change:

  • In Some case as per the business requirement we might require needs to make a change in the chart of accounts that involves deleting one or more GL accounts from the table.
  • Before user delete an GL account, we must balance the account to zero and then close the fiscal year to prevent new entries from being added to the account.
  • Most of the countries and regions have requirements for how long businesses must store their financial data and that we need to keep a track of.
  • In order To Help Administrators with Government legal Requirement, Microsoft have added a field in General Ledger Setup called “ Check G/L Acc. Deletion After ” – which specify the start date of the period for which your country or region requires you to store financial data.
  • Also, further to safeguard G/L accounts from accidentally being deleted, Microsoft also added the new setup field called “Block Deletion of G/L Accounts “which you need to toggle to the General Ledger Setup page in order to enable the setting.

If user turn on the setting on the General Ledger setup page, Business Central will prevent users from deleting accounts that have entries after the date that is specified in the “Check G/L Acc. Deletion After” field. If user must need to delete such accounts, a user who can access the General Ledger Setup page can turn off the Block Deletion of G/L Accounts setting in order to be able to delete the entries without having system to check and allow you to delete all the entries linked with the G/L Account to be deleted.

As best practice Microsoft recommend that we turn on the Block Deletion of G/L Accounts setting from the General Ledger Setup page and also we should always have a date set in the Check G/L Acc. Deletion After field.

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