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In Dynamics 365 Business Central, Pages are created to display and organize data. On pages, user interact with data. They can insert, modify or delete the data. Pages provide views of data.

A Page in AL Language contains:

  • Page Properties
  • Set of Controls
  • Set of Actions
  • Global Variables
  • Page Triggers
The Structure of a Page is Tiered and categorized into three sections.
  • The second block, the Layout, describes the visual parts on the page.
  • The first block contains metadata for the overall page. It describes the page type and the source table its showing data from
  • The final section details the actions that are published on the page.

Creating a List Type of Page:

  1. We can use snippet (tpage) available in VS Code or we can define the page by ourselves. We have to choose snippet with page type List.
2.Next, we have to give Application Area, Usage Category and Name of our source table which we want to display/Use in our Page.
  1. Then inside Layout we define the content which we want to display on Page.
  2. In List Type of pages, we are required to define a repeater () control within the area (Content) control of a page. The list Pages are designed to use a single repeater () control, which has to be defined   at the beginning of the content area. If we add another control like grid or group the page might not behave as expected.
  3. Then Inside the repeater() control we nest the field () control and add the fields which we want to include in the page, and the order of the field controls determines the order in which they appear on the page.
  4. In List type of pages we could add FactBoxes also as per our requirement, Typically, we use a FactBox to display information that is related to an item on the main content page.
  1. We could add actions also in the list page.
We can make various changes to customize the appearance of the list in a page and determine which data is displayed as per our Requirements. It is advised, to design a page that includes controls in the content area other than a repeater, then we should try using a Worksheet page type instead.

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