Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Connector in Power App

What is a connector? 

  • A connector is a set of pre-built functionality or a feature that allows Power Apps to connect to various external services, systems, or data sources.  
  • Connectors serve as a bridge between Power Apps and external platforms, enabling seamless integration and interaction. They facilitate the exchange of data and actions between Power Apps and external services, such as databases, cloud services, and productivity tools. 


Organizations can improve data accessibility, automate procedures, and streamline operations by utilizing this connector. Organizations can boost overall productivity and decision-making by, for example, managing inventories directly from Power Apps, automating invoicing procedures, or building customized dashboards.  


Power App Integration with Business Central 

  • Power App provides a separate connector to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 
  • This connector provides all the basic CRUD operations 
  • We can create a record, read a record, update a record and also delete a record of a table 


The Dynamics 365 Business Central Connector in Power Apps enables users to flawlessly link and interact with their Business Central data from bespoke apps. This connector facilitates the retrieval, generation, and change of Business Central data, improving business operations and productivity. Users can leverage the connector to automate workflows, manage finances, and simplify operations directly from Power Apps, making it an effective tool for enterprises looking to adapt and maximize their business solutions. 

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