How To Create A List Report In Business Central

  • So far in the Report series blog, we have discussed about what is a report and the types of report. In this blog, let’s discuss about how to create a list report.

    So, what is a List Report?

    A list report displays the data in rows and columns from database.

Let’s now learn how to create a list report in VS code!
  1. Create a new file in VS code, once the file is created type “treport”, it’s a snippet to create a report.
  1. Specify the default layout as RDLC and specify the RDL layout in the report.
  2. Specify the data item and add columns, like mentioned in the below screenshot.
  1. Save the code, to create package go to “View” action click on “Command Palette” search for “AL:Package” and click on it, package will be created.
  1. Once the package is created, right click on the package click on “Open Externally”.
When you click on “Open Externally” RDLC layout will open in the report builder.
  1. When the layout opens, it will be blank. You have to design the layout.
  2. Go to Insert and select insert table to add fields to the table, expand the datasets in the left-hand side, drag and drop the field into the table.
8.Save the layout and close the report builder (or minimize). 9.Now need to run the report, go to VS code click on Run action click on Run without debugging. 10.Business Central page will open, search for your report, then click on Preview to view the result. Result for above report will be like this.

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