How To Create Barcode Report In Business Central

Let’s see how we can create a Barcode Report in Business Central! So, what is a Barcode? Barcodes are the labels, used to display information related to products. Barcode consists of two key components: Barcode provider and encoder. Barcode provider includes different fonts and symbology available for use and Encoder are components of the provider that encode the data strings of a report dataset to a specific font specification and symbology. How to create Barcode report!           Create a new report, if you don’t know no how to create a report please refer my previous blog I have explained how to create a report. In “OnAfterGetRecord” trigger:

  1. First create “Barcode Font” variable of type “interface”, “Symbology” variable of type Enum and “String” variable of type Text.
  2. Assign value for Barcode Font variable, specifies which Font has to be used, Example: “IDAutomation1D”
  3. Assign value for Symbology that specifies variable length barcode that can be encoded, Example: Code 39 (consist up to 43 alphanumeric character)
  4. Assign the value for variable “String”, which specifies which string needs to be converted into a barcode.
  5. Create a global variable of “Text data type” and pass the value to it by encoding the String and Symbology value.
This is how it looks. Save the report, then design the RDLC layout, refer my previous blog to know how to design the layout. Right click on the EncodeText variable in the layout click on “Text Box Properties” click on “Font” specify the Font as IDAutomationHC39M, then click “OK” save the report and close it. Run the report in VS code, Business central page will open search for your report and then click on the “Preview” action. Result of the report will look like this.

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