Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to Create a Project/Job That Can Be Invoiced to Multiple Customers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a sophisticated platform for project management and client billing. One of its features is the ability to construct projects or jobs that can be invoiced to many customers, thereby reducing operations and increasing revenue streams.

1. Create project/job that can be invoiced to multiple customers:

Means, for each project task lines we can define Bill-to Customer no. and Sell-to Customer No.

This can be achieved by specifying Default Task Billing Method on Project Setup page.

Setup includes:

One Customer: This is default setting, if you choose this option, it won’t allow users to edit the fields in Project task Lines and lets user to invoice the only the customer specified in the Project.

Multiple Customer: This allows users to edit the fields and lets user to invoice the Projects for different customers.


This setup can be changed on the Project Card page as well, under the Invoice and Shipping section.

  1. Bill-to Customer No., Sell-to Customer No., External Document No. and Your Reference No. are available on Job Task table and Job Task Lines Subform page.
  2. The fields can be editable only if Job Task Type field value is set to

You can switch from One Customer to Multiple Customer. If you do so, business central populates the fields on the project task level based on values in the header. This is irreversible.


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