How To Create A Card Type Page In Business Central

Overview The main purpose of the card type page is to display the records from a table and we can choose the fields which we want to show on the card page.   We design the card pages when we want to give user the freedom to view, create and modify the records of a table. The card type of page is typically associated with List the of page which uses the same table as card page. Difference is that list pages provide an overview of all records in a table while card page gives us information about a single record in that table. When a user selects a record from List page then it usually opens the card page for that record, allowing the user to view and modify the fields of that record. In most cases we use the card page for the master data.

Let’s Design our First Card Page using VS Code!

  1. The very first step for designing a card type page is defining “PageType” property as Card and giving the source table for card page.

  2. After that, in layout section and inside area (Content), we can choose the fields which we want to show on the page. We can divide the fields in groups/FastTabs in an optimized way, such that the user can browse through field in effective manner.

  3.  We can also add “FactBox” on a card type page. Like here, we have added a part in “FactBox” showing customer ledger entry details.
  1.  Now Let’s add an action on our card type page. Like here we have provided an action on card type page of a customer which will directly open a sales order page for creating a sales order.
5.  Now that we have designed our First Card Page, to see how it looks, we have to publish it.
  1. As we added our action in New (PromotedCategory), we will now click on new to find our action which we created.

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