Dynamics 365 New Features: Trade And Source Of Supply Chain Management.

In this final part of our three part blog on Dynamics 365 SCM 2020 wave 1, we introduce you to the new updates on trade and source features of SCM, to know more about all the features refer our previous blogs.

Trade and source

1) Calculate PO delivery date based on lead times and working days (public sector)

One can now use this feature to automatically calculate the delivery date considering the vendor’s lead time and organization’s working-days calendar. This option allows to enter Vendors lead time for each line and taking working days into account a delivery date is generated from the confirmation date. After the admin enables the feature, the admin must enable the functionality using the procurement and sourcing parameters.

2) Country of origin enhancements

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management includes a related field on the product master document on country of origin, this enhancements will build on that existing capability. These enhancements will provide the capability for the procurement organization to document this information. They can then use this information to prepare shipping documentation.

3) External catalog enhancements

With the new catalog enhancements,the procurement organization can enable the logging feature that captures common issues that might require changes to external catalog parameters this solves the issues involved in merging external catalog.

4) Hazardous materials product information management

This enhancement brings an additional field that is used to store data related to the item descriptions, this helps during shipping regulations on the dangerous-goods lists.

5) Hazardous materials shipping documentation

An additional documents is introduced that can be used in the warehouse to manage shipments that contain hazardous materials. The new documents are an enhanced bill of lading, CMR document, multimodal dangerous goods document, enhanced packing list, and Verified Gross Mass (VGM) document. These documents will work much like the existing bill of lading. The operator can generate the data for the document and then edit as needed to include external data or adjustments needed to represent the shipment.

6) Miscellaneous charges enhancements

This enhancement gives the sales entry operators the ability to allocate sales header charges to sales lines. Additional sales charges has the ability to set up from and to amounts. This is being made available on purchase orders to allow scenarios for charges to be assigned based on the value of the purchase order.

7) Purchase order delivery via cXML

The manual communication of the purchase order from the employees of the organization to the vendor is now simplified by the added support for the cXML purchase order request message. You can enable vendors for this feature if your supplier supports receiving the purchase order. The procurement team can enable background processing for the purchase order sending the order, and they can monitor the acknowledgment of purchase orders.

8) Sales process control via enhanced order holds

In a usual B2B scenarios, the processing between intra-departments of an organization consumes time, the new feature equips the company to reduce the time consumed in this process. With this enhancement, users can use status indication processes to enable communication of the order status and requirements for follow-up activities to control the order. The status information is visible on the warehouse release and shipment, enabling the communication of status information between the sales representatives and the operational fulfilment teams.

9) Delegation of multiple purchasing work items

Handing over the work to a colleague is made easier with this feature that enables users to delegate multiple work items to another user in one action on the Work items assigned to me page.

10) Sales order operator efficiency – distribution

Sales order management efficiency is important for distribution businesses that need to process and manage large volumes of sales orders. The enhancement has made improvements that reduces the number of steps needed to perform actions around, quick order entry, order editing, inventory availability, and item searching.

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