Do I Stick To Re-Implementation Of The Dynamics ERP Solution Or Go For An Update?

To determine whether to re-implement or to upgrade depends on a few factors of your business structures. Let’s address some of such factors in this article, and whether you update or reimplement depends on how you have answered the below conditions.

Is your system too old?

Usually when systems become old, say around 15 years, tend to underperform due to technical incapabilities and performing an upgrade on them would be a prolonged procedure. Developers call them “hops.” When you hear them using this term, it means that the upgrade must take several steps through older versions before the final upgrade to the newest database version can be accomplished.

Is your data valuable?

The reliability of data serves as one of the most important points to consider. If the data you are holding onto is truly in bad shape, then upgrade would simply mean nothing. One of the main advantages of an upgrade over re-implementation is having all the historical transactions but If your data is not reliable, then this history is not at all that reliable so in this case, are-implementation enables you to have a fresh start. No better way to clean house than to start with fresh construction.

How heavily modified is your database?

There are chances of modifying the data too many times due to updates or for other reasons, this results in too many modifications that are used and abandoned after a short time. Regardless of how or why the modifications were performed, if they have undergone too many modifications then it is necessary to seriously consider a re-implementation.

How long has it been after you have implemented?

Like said before, if your business is already old enough to have gone through radical changes then they are no more the same business as it was when you started. dimensions to the business changing the complete business environment itself. If this description sounds like your company, then reimplementation may make more sense than an upgrade.

Definite Business Goals

Regardless of how you may have answered the questions above, it always makes sense to take a step back and evaluate your business processes.  Do a value stream map and see how your current database configuration lines up with your desired future state process.

Irrespective of your decision to upgrade or re-implement, could mean taking a tep towards your business goals for the good, and as a team of experts in this field, AllGrowTech are here to help through it. Contact us

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