Different ways to send an Email in Business Central!

Sending emails is a basic functionality every company uses in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.. In this
article, we will learn different ways to send an email . Also, we will learn how to check if emails were sent or
not.Easiest way to send an Email:
The functionality of sending emails in Business Central is based on ‘Email’ and ‘Email Message’ codeunits. We
will use the methods in these codeunits to create them. We can use ‘EmailMessage.Create‘ and ‘Email.Send‘
to create a very simple email.Send an Email with Attachment:

For sending attachments, we will use an InStream, an OutStream, and the ‘Temp Blob‘codeunit. Suppose, we
will attach a sales invoice in ‘pdf’ format. First, we will ask for the invoice to attach. We achieve it by running
the request page of the report and saving the filters applied in the ‘Report Parameters’ variable.Send an Email with Preview Window:
The preview window is the page where the user can see and modify the email before sending it. We can use
the method ‘Email.OpenInEditor‘ for this purpose.

How to check Email Status:
Business Central provides two pages to check if our emails were sent or failed, these are ‘Email Outbox‘and
‘Sent Emails‘.

Email Outbox: Here you will find failed emails, drafts, pending if they were queued, and mails in sending

Sent Email: On the following page, we will see a list of emails sent successfully. We can see several information
and also resend them if we want.

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