Debugger In Business Central!

The process of finding and correcting errors is called debugging. With Visual Studio Code and the AL Language extension you get an integrated debugger to help you inspect your code to verify that your application can run as expected.

How to activate the Debugger in Business Central

Define the Web Client Base URL in the Business Central administration: To configure the Web Client Base URL, open the Business Central administration tool. In Client Services Tab, you will find “Web Client Base URL” section. In this section define your web client URL

In our example, Web Client URL is http://localhost:8080/BC160/

Check “Enable Debugging” property.

Open the Business Central administration tool. In Development Tab, Set “Enable Debugging” to TRUE 

  • Check “Enable Debugging” property.
    Restart the BC server instance.
  • Now go to the AL Project and keep the break point in the code.
  • Keystroke Actions
  • F5 Start debugging
  • Ctrl+F5 Start without debugging
  • Shift+F5 Stop debugging
  • Ctrl+Shift+F5 Start debugging without publishing
  • F10 Step over
  • F11 Step into
  • Shift+F11 Step out
  • F12 Go to Definition

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